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Always Built with our Premium Quality Window Frame

Wardco Window and Door's Revival Series window frame provides the ultimate seal protection from moisture, fluctuating temperatures and wind conditions. Built with a modernized structural design, the Revival Series window is built to last for year over year protection against all four Canadian seasons! All of our windows come standard with this frame so you can be confident in any Wardco window design you choose to put in your home.

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Passive Low-E Window Glass

The standard glass used at Wardco Window and Door helps homes trap winter furnace heat up to 41% more effectively than standard double-pane insulating glass units fabricated with clear glass. The same coating also cultivates a feeling of warmth and comfort in homes by allowing almost 70% of the sun’s heat energy to pass through, along with nearly 80% of the available daylight.

The benefits of the glass Wardco Window and Door uses remain when days get longer and warmer, too. In the spring and summer, our glass continues to deliver lower energy costs by blocking solar heat and transmitting high levels of sunlight. That not only diminishes demand for air-conditioning, while also cutting the electricity bill for lighting.

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