Replacement Patio Doors For Your Backyard

Turn your home from neglected to sanctuary with a beautiful, durable, and energy- efficient sliding glass door. Immerse your home in natural light, bring the beauty and elegance from outside in, and enjoy the outside with ease.


Replacement Patio Doors

Patio Doors Systems

At Wardco Window and Door Manufacturing, we only make quality products that you can be confident in showcasing in any part of your home.

We promise to make every one of our doors the best door, period.

  • BUILD– high quality construction and quality control as each one of our doors are hand constructed by our master door builders.
  • EASE– Wardco’s door designs are not only aesthetically appealing but also engineered for smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Beautifying your outdoor space

  • SELECTION– Wardco offers a wide selection of entry doors, patio doors, and garden doors, catering to various architectural styles and meeting diverse functional requirements.
  • TOUGHNESS– Wardco’s doors utilize high strength weather seals, best in class door frames and sills, heavy duty hinges, and robust door slab materials like fiberglass and steel which provide enhanced security and resistance to wear and tear.

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Find the perfect patio door that matches your outdoor

Like our industry leading windows, our patio doors are built for beauty, energy efficiency and durability. Featuring a variety of upgrade and colour options.

Partned with industry’s top performing name brands.

Partned with industry’s top performing name brands.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes! All our products are top of the line and maximize energy efficiency.

Yes! We have endless options and can colour match as desired.

Yes, Wardco offers installation through one of our verified contractors. Please contact us for more details

Yes, please check our warranty brochure for more details.

Here are six reasons it may be time to replace your front door:

  • Door scratches and dents. Entry doors can take a beating through the years.
  • Cracks in the door that allow your heat/air to escape the home.
  • Drafts and leaks.
  • Moisture in your entry door windows or through the bottom.
  • Doors that are difficult to close or lock.

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