Lifetime Warranty

Wardco Window & Door Manufacturing stands behind what we sell, the purchase of your new windows is just the beginning. That begins with our Lifetime Warranty Policy.

We are proud to offer you our industry leading Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty Policy. Subject to the conditions, exclusions, and limitations listed below, Wardco warrants that our products will be free from defects in material and workmanship from the initial state of purchase (provided the product has been used under normal conditions and residential use).


Limited Sealed Unit Warranty

  • Wardco warrants that for the life of the window the insulating unit will not develop any material obstruction of vision as a result of dust or film or moisture between the sheets of glass as a result of sealant failure except in the event of cracked or broken glass. This includes materials only and does not include labour.
  • Wardco will also not warrant any sealed units that have had a tint, liquid or plastic coating applied other than by Wardco.
  • Sealed units with internal or external grills are warrantied for ten years.
  • Wardco will for the period of one year cover any stress cracks deemed by Wardco, including labour.
  • There is no warranty on glass broken through wilful damage or abuse.
  • Minor glass imperfections and variations in colour do not affect the products performance or structural integrity and are excluded from this warranty.
  • Condensation or frost on the exposed room side surface are not a defect in the product but a result of excessive humidity or lack of air flow.
  • Wardco reserves the right to substitute sealed units with different manufacturers glass and spacer if the original is no longer available. Slight colour variations may be experienced.


  • Wardco warrants for life, the vinyl sashes and frame of each window be free from defects such as blistering, peeling flaking cracking corroding or other material defects.
  • Wardco will replace or repair at its discretion any defective parts at no charge for materials (labour not included). Variations in colour due to normal weathering, exposure to ultraviolet rays, extreme weather and any other condition beyond Wardco’s control are not considered coating defects.
  • Should there be a colour variation between the replacement and original part this is due to normal weathering and should not be considered defective.
  • Vinyl that has been painted or coated by anyone other than Wardco has no warranty.


  • Wardco warrants that the hardware shall remain in proper operational condition and will replace any hardware that loses functionality assuming availability from the original hardware manufacturer.
  • From time to time through product upgrades and discontinued product lines Wardco may have to substitute hardware with a reasonable facsimile.
  • This does not cover abuse or use in multi unit rental properties. This warranty covers parts only and labour costs are additional.

Painted Surfaces

  • Painted surfaces applied by Wardco are warrantied for twenty years against peeling, flaking, blistering or cracking.
  • Variations in colour due to normal weathering, exposure to atmospheric conditions or ultra violet rays or any other condition not caused by Wardco are not covered.
  • Not covered under this warranty are minor scratches or imperfections or surfaces that have been cleaned with chemical or harsh abrasive cleaners.
  • Interior paint is also not covered under this warranty.


  • All vinyl extrusions, cladding, and sealed units are warranted for life (internal grids 10 years).

Factory White Steel Door Panels

  • The steel door panel will not warp, rust, crack or buckle for 20-years

Decorative Door Lights

  • Decorative and clear units are warranted for a period of 15-years not to develop obstructions of vision as a result of seal failure. Discoloration of caming is normal in doorlights and is not covered.

Painted Doors

  • Painted doors and windows are warranted for 10-years not to blister, warp, or peel.

How to Get Assistance

If there is a problem with your Wardco Window & Door Manufacturing window or door, you can either:

Wardco can respond quickly and efficiently after you have given us the following information:

  • Authorized Dealer or Distributor where you purchased the product(s)
  • Date of original purchase
  • Original invoice (if available)
  • The address where the product(s) is/are installed and a description of the problem (photos are helpful)
  • Your warranty policy registration

What Wardco Will Do

Your claim will be investigated and the appropriate action taken within 30-days upon receipt of the aforementioned information. If it is determined that there is a defect, we will supply the replacement product or parts necessary to repair the issue.

Wardco reserves the right to substitute obsolete product(s) or parts with current material as may be required. If the request proves not be justified, travel and labour costs will be billed.

Warranty Limitations

Wardco’s liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair or replacement, at the option of Wardco, and under no circumstance will Wardco be liable for incidental or consequential charges, such as but not limited to:

  • Labour or refinishing for any purpose, inconvenience, damages or injury to persons or property or any other expense.
  • This warranty will be deemed null and void if the owner/purchaser modifies or alters the products in any way.
  • Normal wear and tear and natural weathering
  • Problems due to misuse or abuse; failure to follow care and maintenance instructions (e.g. using harmful solvents); or as a result of fire, flood, or wind damage or any natural cause of third party action out of our control.
  • Problems resulting from improper installation or building flaws (e.g. water or air filtration)
  • Damage or poor product performance resulting from the installation in a condition that exceeds specifications and/or non-compliance wth building codes
  • Economic loss
  • Condensation or ice build-up (Note: most condensation/ice build-up is directly related to humidity levels in the building)
  • Damage caused by scratches to a surface resulting in rusting/blistering and peeling of paint coating
  • Damage caused by exessive heat build-up (e.g. installing a storm door)
  • Glass that has been cracked or broken
  • Product that has been altered or tampered with
  • Water or air leakage or other damage or malfunction due to improper installation which is not performed by the manufacturer
  • Normal occurences of ultraviolet exposure, air pollutants and other normal atmospheric condictions that may cause the vinyl surfaces to gradually fade or chalk or accumulate dirt or stains on the surface
  • Defects or failures due to unreasonable use or improper application or failure to carry out reasonable or proper maintenance
  • Damage to windows or components caused by settlement or structural defects in the building in which they are installed
  • If the window or door exceeds the maximum or minimum size
  • Damage caused by wind, hail lightening or other acts of god, vandalism or negligence or exposure to harsh chemicals or pollutants
  • Condensation on the interior (room side) glass surface which is a sign of high humidity or lack of air flow within the house and a change in temperature outside/inside
  • Damage caused by shipping or handling not by the manufacturer
  • Labour costs arising from and improper claim

Transfer of Ownership

This warranty policy takes effect on the date of invoice and is transferable to a second owner only. The warranty is transferable to the future owner of the property subject to written notice to Wardco within 15-days of possession. This warranty policy will expire should the owner fail to notify Wardco.

To activate the Wardco warranty for a second owner, the Transfer of Warranty Ownership form must be completed and mailed to Wardco with an administration fee of $113 (including HST).

This warranty supersedes all other warranties, express or implied. The warranty written above is the only express warranty (whether oral or written) applicable to Wardco products, no dealer, sales person, distributor or representative of Wardco has the authority to alter or change these warranties orally or written.