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Awning windows swing out from the bottom using a scissor-arm crank mechanism. There are two locks – one on each side – and a standard, folding, nesting handle. Using Ashland Hardware we can build units up to 60″ wide by 54″ tall with the same glass options.



Awning Features

  • Nesting, folding handles fold out of the way of blinds, shutters or other window treatments
  • Multipoint lock bolts on each side for simple, single lever locking operation
  • Zinc sash retainers for smooth, even locking every time
  • Adjustable Optima hinges for perfect sash alignment
  • Three weather seals, including two bulb seals for air and water infiltration prevention, and a fringe seal to reduce dust and dirt infiltration
  • Scissor-arm operator for smooth window operation, regardless of size

Standard Sizes

  • Width – minimum 20”, maximum 60”, available in 1/16” increments
  • Height – minimum 16”, maximum 54”, available in 1/16” increments
  • (sizes below or above min/max may be available – contact dealer for details)

Energy Efficiency

GlazingEnergy RatingU-FactorVisible TransmittanceSolar Heat Gain Coefficient
3mm CG 80/70 / Clear / 80/70 Foam391.030.470.38
3mm CG 80/70 / Clear / 80/70381.060.470.38
3mm Clear / CG80/70 Foam341.470.520.45
3mm Clear / CG80/70321.550.520.45
3mm Clear / Sungate 400 Foam321.510.500.44
3mm PPG Clear/SB60/SB60321.040.370.26
3mm PPG Clear/SG400301.600.500.44
3mm Clear / Sungate 400301.600.500.44
3mm PPG SG400/Clear281.600.500.41
3mm CG70/36 / Clear Foam241.390.450.25
3mm PPG SB60/SG400221.480.450.26
3mm Clear/SB70XL221.470.410.25
3mm CG70/36 / Clear221.470.450.25
3mm CG62/27 / Clear Foam201.390.400.18
3mm CG62/27 / Clear181.470.400.18
3mm PPG SB70XL/Clear181.470.410.16

Awning Warranty

Awning Maintenance Tips

  • Wash using a soft cloth or ordinary-handled soft bristle brush.
  • For difficult to remove dirt and stains such as topsoil, lithium grease, crayon, felt-tip pen, caulking, lipstick, grass, bubble gum, mold and mildew: use the readily available household cleansers on the suggested list below. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions on cleansers.
  • Do not use mildly abrasive cleaners such as Ajax®, Bon Ami®, etc. These or any abrasive materials could have a negative effect on the surface of glass and window frames.
  • Do not use cleansers containing aggressive organic solvents because they could affect the surface appearance of the vinyl. Examples of such cleansers are chlorine bleach, liquid grease remover, nail polish remover and furniture polish/cleansers.
Cleaning Screens
  • Follow exterior surface cleaning instructions for all exterior screens. Interior mounted screens can be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment or wiped with a soap and water solution. Use caution when removing and handling insect screens. Torn insect screens or bent screen bars are not covered by warranty.
  • An easy way to clean an insect screen is to remove it and lay it down on a flat surface. Apply a cleaning solution to the screen and let it soak for a minute. Then, rinse the screen using a low-pressure spray, such as a garden hose.
Cleaning Glass
  • Apply a mild soap or vinegar-based cleaner to the glass, by spraying or using a clean, grit-free cloth or sponge saturated with cleaning solution. Avoid using ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners, which can cause streaking. Be careful not to damage glazing, frame finish, wood components or insulating unit seals by overgenerous application of cleaners.

Additional information

Interior Options

Accessory Groove Cover, Celuka Jamb Extension, Drywall Return, Solid Oak Jamb Extension, Solid Pine Jamb Extension

Exterior Options

Accessory Groove Cover, Brickmould, Frame Extension, Nail Fin only, Sloped Sill

Grille Options

1-1/4" SDL, 1/4"x5/16" Square – Brass, 1/4"x5/16" Square – Pewter, 1/4"x5/16" Square – White, 2" SDL, 3/4 Georgian White, 5/8 Flat – Black, 5/8 Flat – Brass, 5/8 Flat – Pewter, 5/8 Flat – Two-Tone, 5/8 Flat – White, 7/8" SDL, Pencil – Brass, Pencil – Pewter, Pencil – White

Screen Options



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